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The firm Hotesur, which belongs to Cristina Kirchner, manages her hotels in El Calafate. The deputy Margarita Stolbizer pointed that it had not paidtaxes in years, that there are no people at its legal address, and that it did not report its annual balances or its currect authorities to the IGJ asall such firms are expected to do. Those hotels are hired by the businessman Lázaro Báez, who makes public works, but the rooms stay empty most of thetime.[94] Báez is, in turn, accused of money laundering in The Route of the K-Money scandal.[95] The IGJ had not requested Hotesur to fix itssituation, and refuses since 2012 to provide information about it to the press.[96]

In July 2010, she traveled to the People's Republic of China with the goal of strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries.[126]In 2015, during a trip to China, she tweeted a message replacing the letter "r" with the letter "l" so as to write in Spanish, "lice and petloleum",instead of "rice and petroleum", seemingly mocking the accent of the Chinese hosts. Another message was released shortly afterwards apologising forthe initial message.[127][128] demo| )

With Fernández leading all the pre-election polls by a wide margin, her challengers were trying to force her into a run-off. A candidate needs eithermore than 45% of the vote, or 40% of the vote and a lead of more than 10 percentage points over the nearest rival, to win outright without arun-off.[28] She won the election decisively in the first round with nearly 45% of the vote, followed by 23% for Elisa Carrió (candidate for the CivicCoalition) and 17% for former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna.[29] Kirchner was popular among the suburban working class and the rural poor, whileCarrió and Lavagna both received more support from the urban middle class.[30] Kirchner lost the election in the large cities of Buenos Aires andRosario.[30]

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In March 2010, Fernández de Kirchner made a historic trip to Peru to make amends, a country with whom relations had been adversely affected followingthe Carlos Menem administration's illegal sale of weapons to Ecuador in the 1990s.[107][unreliable source?]Apertura forex 26 dicembre.

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During her husband's term, Fernández de Kirchner was First Lady of the country. In that role, she worked as an itinerant ambassador for hisgovernment. Her highly combative speech style polarized Argentine politics, recalling the style of Eva Perón. Although she repeatedly rejected thecomparison later, Fernández de Kirchner once said in an interview that she identified herself "with the Evita of the hair in a bun and the clenchedfist before a microphone" (the typical image of Eva Perón during public speech) more than with the "miraculous Eva" of her mother's time, who had come"to bring work and the right to vote for women".[24][25][26]

During the first days of Fernández's presidency, Argentina's relations with the United States deteriorated as a result of allegations made by anAssistant United States Attorney of illegal campaign contributions, in a case known as the maletinazo (suitcase scandal). According to theseallegations, Venezuelan agents tried to pressure Venezuelan American citizen Guido Antonini Wilson to lie about the origin of US0,550 in cash foundin his suitcase on 4 August 2007 at a Buenos Aires airport. U.S. prosecutors allege the money was sent to help Kirchner's presidential campaign.[83]Fernández de Kirchner and Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez called the allegations "a trashing operation" and part of a conspiracy orchestrated by theUS to divide Latin American nations. On 19 December 2007, she restricted the US ambassador's activities and limited his meetings to Foreign Ministryofficials; a treatment reserved for hostile countries, in the opinion of a former US Assistant Secretary of State.[84][85] However, on 31 January in aspecial meeting with Kirchner, the US Ambassador to Argentina, Earl Anthony Wayne, clarified that the allegations "were never made by the UnitedStates government", saying that the prosecutors making the charges are part of the independent judicial branch of the US government, and the disputecooled down.[86] Elisa Carrió and María Estenssoro, both high-ranking members of the main opposition parties, have claimed that the Argentinegovernment's response to the allegations and its criticism of the US are a "smokescreen"; that the US involvement in the affair was merelysymptomatic, and the root cause of the scandal is corruption in the Argentine and Venezuelan governments.[87]

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On 17 October 2009 Fernández de Kirchner proposed the compulsory submission of DNA samples in cases related to the dirty war, in a move lauded by theGrandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, but excoriated by opposition figures as a political move against Clarín Media Group Chairperson Ernestina Herrerade Noble, who is in litigation over the Noble siblings case and whose previous cordial relations with Kirchnerism had recently soured.[97]

It is estimated that the Kirchner government controls nearly 80% of the Argentine media, either directly or indirectly.[98] TV Pública Digital, thestate-owned TV channel, was turned into a government-propaganda vehicle.[98] Soccer broadcasting was nationalized in the program Fútbol para todos,and then filled with pro-government advertisements.[99] On the other hand, the Clarín group publishes the Clarín newspaper, the largest selling one inthe country, which is not aligned with them.[98] (Trade apertura forex 26 dicembre.|)

Apertura forex 26 dicembre.The 2010 year began with controversy surrounding the president's order that a US.7 billion escrow account be opened at the Central Bank for thepurpose of retiring high-interest bonds, whose principal is tied to inflation. The move met with the opposition of Central Bank president MartínRedrado, who refused to implement it, and following an impasse, he was dismissed by presidential decree on 7 January 2010.[39] Redrado refused toabide by the initial decree removing him from the presidency of the Central Bank, however, and petitioned for a judicial power to keep him in office.Accordingly, the president enacted another decree for his dismissal, citing misconduct on Redrado's part.[40] The legitimacy of this new decree wasquestioned as well, as his dismissal would deny Redrado due process. Congress was in recess period at the time, but most of its opposition membersconsidered returning to override the decrees through an extraordinary session.[41] The session became a source of controversy as well: Kirchnerconsidered that, according to the 63rd article of the Constitution, only the President may call for an extraordinary session while the Congress is inrecess. Cobos replied instead that all regulations concerning decrees require the immediate advice and consent of Congress, that the body's by-laws(56 and 57) allow extraordinary sessions called by any member, and that the commission formed for that purpose functions at all times, even duringrecess.[42]

Fernández’s net worth increase has been subject to controversy.[92] She claims that her net worth has been influenced by her successful law firm.[93]Fernandez' net worth dropped in 2010 because 50 percent of Kirchner's assets were inherited by his sons after Nestor's death.