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This must be the case.What does the essay reveal aboutmypersonality?.

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Believethem." I did just that, placing mytrust in the vast opportunities offeredby computer programming. In my first computer course, I created applicationsthat could beat a human intic-tac-toe, calculate complex mathematical problems,and even converse with humans on a specified topic. Fascinated with thepotential of theseprograms, I embarked on a different path, away from clinicalmedicine. I saw a world in which computers would change and even replaceprocesses inevery industry, and I wanted to join the researchers at theforefront of this revolution.Five years after that first class,the potentialcontribution of computer technology still inspires me. Thepossibilities are astounding. Scientists mapped the human genome years beforetheiroriginal deadline. Nanotechnology promises to revolutionize the way wedetect and cure diseases. Still, the more I learn about technology, the more I recognize its inadequacies. Although the "psychologist" program Icreated faithfully reproduces human responses, I discovered that I wouldneverwant to speak with a computer about my problems. Certain interactions simplydemand personal contact. As I have tutored underclassmen in mathand science,worked with athletes in the Special Olympics, and visited with patients as avolunteer at Northwest Community Hospital, I have realizedthat the humanelement in such relationships is irreplaceable. While technology may shape thefuture of mankind, only humanity can touch individuallives.Jason's story touched mine,confirming my growing sense of the deficiencies in science and technology.Advances in medical knowledge andtechniques are useless without parallelprogress in healthcare accessibility, widespread education about health issues,and most importantly, strongdoctor-patient relationships. The revolutionarytreatment methods I imagined myself inventing might never have an impact onpatients like Jason. Onthe other hand, the dedication of just a few volunteersallowed him to play the sport he had always loved. Science could not fix Jason'seyesight,but supportive doctors, volunteers, and friends could help him live afulfilling life. Spending time with him and others convinced me that, inaddition to my research in medical science and technology, I wanted to workdirectly with those whose ailments cannot currently be cured.I havethus circled back to myoriginal path towards medicine, with no regrets about the scenic route that ledme here. Indeed, I am confident that I willmake good use of my computer scienceskills as I research potential advancements in medical technology. This summer,I began work as a researchassistant to Dr. C at Northwestern's Buehler Centeron Aging. With Dr. C, I am developing a computer program that determines the"quality oflife" of terminally ill patients. By compiling physiciandiagnostics and patient responses to questionnaires, the system assesses thevalue ofgiven treatments as well as the efficacy of specific pharmaceuticals.Through this project, we hope to understand and improve the current care of the terminally ill. After watching Dr. C and other doctors at the medical researchfacility, I can now declare with confidence that I want to followtheir examplein my own career, combining clinical practice and research.My work on the "quality oflife" evaluation project gave me aperfect opportunity to fulfill this dualgoal, and I look forward to a lifetime spent on similar pursuits. Yet I willnever forget that the seeds ofmy current ambition arose not in the laboratoryor at the health center, but on a baseball diamond filled with people playing agame they likelythought they would never play again. In my own career as aphysician, I will strive to serve my patients not only as a healer, but also asa friend,supporting them in their toughest moments, and as a mentor, guidingthem to live healthy lifestyles. Robots may assist in my endeavors, but theywill never possess the compassion of my fellow physicians and me.About - offers all users free access to the mostextensive Admissions Essay Help Course on the Internet and over 300 Free Sample Admissions Essays accepted by the United States' top undergraduate,graduate, and professional programs. Named "the world's premier application essay editing service" by the New York Times Learning Network and "one ofthe best essay services on the Internet" by the Washington Post.Put Harvard-Educated Editors To Work For You!.

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Is my sentencestructure varied,or do I use all long or short sentences?.Binary options software scams.

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What about the essay ismemorable?.

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Your admissions essay one of your first . Our writers are experts who have had many years of experience writing hundreds of medical school . WRITE MY ESSAY;

This must be the case.What does the essay reveal aboutmy personality?.

Don't Wander. Do StayFocused.Many applicants try to turnthe personal statement into a completeautobiography. Not surprisingly, they find it difficult to pack so muchinformation into such a short essay,and their essays end up sounding more likea list of experiences than a coherent, well-organized thought. Make sure thatevery sentence in youressay exists solely to support one central theme.10.. (Trade binary options software scams.|)

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